IOS 14.5 enables Spotify as standard

Soon, thanks to iOS 14.5 update, users will be able to set Spotify as the default music app.

After Apple made it possible to change standard apps last year, many apps were already able to access this. So far, this was mainly the Mail app and your browser app. But now, iPhone creator will also make it possible in iOS 14.5 to set Music app as standard. Find out Mac rumors.


Those who are already using the public beta of iOS 14.5 will notice that Siri suggests using a different music app. Anyone who asks Siri to play a song or artist will receive a notification asking the digital assistant which app you want to use for this.

In the second case, Siri automatically requested a link with Spotify. In the future, the assistant can play music at a faster speed than Spotify, instead of playing Apple Music. Other users on Reddit reported a different workflow in their beta. Experimentation is assumed an Apple So there is still a lot of way that certain functions operate or are activated.

The fact that the iPhone creator will now also adapt other services, so you can decide which app you want Basic Is a good sign. The iOS and iPadOS ecosystem are well locked-down, and Apple probably wants to keep it that way. But here and there the company is opening its programs more and more.

I wonder what an Apple All in store with iOS 14.5? View our overview here.

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