iPhone 13 Pro Max can be charged faster at 27W

Apple itself hasn’t said a word about it, but the iPhone 13 Pro Max appears to be able to charge faster than its predecessor. The maximum speed is about 27 watts.

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iPhone 13 Pro Max can charge faster

Max charging speed for iPhone 12 Pro Max About 20 watts. Apple gives the same value to the new one iPhone 13 Pro Max, but this turned out to be not entirely true. YouTube channel Charger Lab He examined the device and came to a different conclusion: you can charge the iPhone 13 Pro Max at a maximum of 27 watts. Then of course you have to use an adapter that can handle such speed. For example, think of your charger MacBook.

By the way, the smartphone does not constantly maintain this pace. To prevent overheating, the 13 Pro Max automatically turns back after a while. However, this means that you will probably charge the smartphone a little faster than its predecessor.

Apple tends to be very conservative when it comes to charging speeds. The company may want to prevent the battery from corroding too quickly or releasing too much heat. Competitors are less interested in this. recently introduced Xiaomi 11T Pro It can, for example, charge at least 120 watts. This means that the empty battery is full again within 17 minutes (!).

More about iPhone 13

iPhone 13 Pro Max has a 6.7-inch OLED display, making it the largest in the iPhone 13 series. From strict The smartphone turned out to be a true battery hero. We will of course also test this ourselves in a comprehensive review, which will soon be published on this site. Are you more interested in a smaller model? Then be sure to read Our review of the “regular” iPhone 13.

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