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vtwonenThese days we easily reach temperatures close to 30 degrees Celsius and the summer holidays have not yet begun. The plants in your garden logically crave water. But at what time of this hot day should you spray or water your plants? Stop worrying about it: Explain.

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Watering in the morning or in the evening?

There is a lot to be said about when to water plants, but the bottom line is that the coolest time of day is best on sunny, warm days.

This is why early morning is almost always the best option. The temperature is often comfortable and the sun is not yet shining bright. In this way, the plants are well prepared for the upcoming warm day. When you water in the morning, the leaves have enough time to dry before they come into contact with the sun. Wet leaves and bright sunlight are not a good combination.

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…but avoid fungus

Watering plants in the morning doesn’t fit into your schedule? Then the second option is to do it in the late afternoon or early evening. Then the strength of the sun decreased and there was still enough daylight for the plants to benefit from.

In any case, do not do this when it is almost dark or when it is already dark. The leaves then do not have a chance to dry out and can therefore develop fungus.


However, there is also an exception to these rules. If garden plants look dry, they are! In this case, water them immediately to revive them. Do not forget to carefully examine the plants in the pots. These often need more water than plants in the ground.

If it is very hot, they may get water twice a day. Especially if the pot has a drainage hole in the bottom. Then choose, for example, morning and evening.

Some plants die in no time under bright sun. For other plants, warm weather is a blessing. These plants live best in full sun.

The best way to water plants

Make sure to water the soil in particular. Avoid leaves as much as possible. A few splashes wouldn’t matter, but you don’t want to turn it into a water ballet. Do not spray water directly on the roots for a long time, but make sure that the soil around them is also moist.

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If the top layer of soil is really dry as a bone, you’d better water it more slowly. First use a watering can with a sprayer or a garden sprayer with a sprinkler to completely moisten the top layer. Otherwise, you will have a chance to drain the water immediately. Once the moisture is absorbed, you can give more.

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