Isa Howes worries about his son Merlin’s mental health

According to Issa, she has had discussions about this with her son, but this is not always easy. The actress said, “This period is really bad for young people, but we don’t have to get into fear of ideas. It won’t lead to anything.”

Merlin also saw a deep hole last year when he worked on a book and documentary about his father Anthony, who ended his life at the age of 44. Upon encountering old photos of his father, past wounds have opened again. Isa had previously said, “One time he stood beside my bed one night and then told me that he was breathing with difficulty. A panic attack.” “She’s still a teenager and they also have feelings of depression and insecurity. But I’m very grateful that we were able to get through this together.”

She has a lot of respect for her son: “What’s so special about Merlin – he’s so special anyway – he closed the door a lot after Anthony’s death. He was twelve years old and he didn’t want to feel that sad. He said, ‘I’m going on with my life.’” That was that. A very painful point. “

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