It is feared that Brexit traffic jams will not occur in West Flanders, the circus …

The Brexit circulation plan to avoid traffic congestion in West Flanders will be phased out by next weekend. Brooks Police and West Flanders Governor Carl Tecaluwe made the announcement Thursday. With no traffic jams for a full month, the plan that is in circulation is no longer needed.

After long negotiations, the real Brexit went softer than expected. Problems were expected, especially around the borders and the port of Zebra. A large cycle plan was developed, including alternatives. “We don’t really have any problems anywhere,” Decalue says. “Everything went smoothly, there were no terrible traffic jams and congestion.”

Brooks police, who were responsible for monitoring the surrounding traffic and the port of Zebra, did not encounter any problems. “The UK’s actual exit from the EU went smoother than expected in our region and did not yield the expected harassment on the road,” he says. Therefore, the circulation plan will no longer take effect by the weekend. The signature will be removed and all traffic will be able to run normally again in the past speed range. “We will definitely keep an eye on the situation. The plan is there and if there are problems it will be implemented, but it will not be an issue now,” Decalue said.

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