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Donald Trump
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Donald Trump is refusing to respond to Democrat prosecutors’ impeachment request against him to testify. Attorney General Jimmy Ruskin said Trump’s testimony was necessary after the former president denied instigating a storming of the Capitol. Trump’s attorneys rejected this request outright.

Democrats argue that Trump incited his supporters to revolt in a speech on January 6 and that there is overwhelming evidence that Trump acted unconstitutional in doing so. The former president challenged this through his attorneys in an official defense, but according to the Democrats, he ignored all kinds of facts.

That’s why Attorney General Jimmy Raskin wrote to the former president asking him to testify himself. Trump’s attorneys rejected this suggestion outright. In a short answer, such a request appears only to show that the House of Representatives cannot prove the charges against Trump. “Using our constitution to instigate so-called impeachment measures is extremely dangerous to play these games,” wrote Bruce Castor and David Schwen, Trump’s attorney.

There is currently no question of a subpoena if Trump does not attend voluntarily, but the plaintiffs had already confirmed in their letter that they would use the refusal against the former president. If Trump refuses, it could have negative consequences for assessing his actions, as has already been said.

Conviction unlikely

The Senate trial begins next Tuesday. The House of Representatives accuses Trump of “inciting disobedience.” The billionaire is the first president to be twice Isolation Increases.

A two-thirds majority is required for conviction, but it appears unachievable. Recently, 45 out of 50 Republican senators voted in favor of a motion to abolish impeachment because it would be unconstitutional to convict a president after his term expires.

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