John Bercow, former Speaker of the British House of Commons, moves to Labour

Bercow, 58, was 41 and belonged to the right wing of the Conservative Party. Bercow now says he has registered as a member of the Labor Party, following in his wife’s footsteps. “My motivation comes from my support for equality, social justice and universality,” Bercow said. “Those are business values.”

Bercow is particularly critical of Prime Minister Boris Johnson, whom he calls a “worthless leader” and hopes the government will soon disappear. According to Bercow, despite his promises, Johnson is not at all interested in compromise and the less privileged Britons are not at all interested in him. Bercow said the best way to get Johnson and his government out is through Labour. There is no other reliable option.”

Berko was ten years old Loudspeaker In the House of Commons until his resignation as MP in 2019. Before he was appointed speaker, Bercow had moved more towards the center. In his later years, he was already unpopular with some Conservatives, who felt Bercow was trying to prevent a no-deal Brexit.

Unlike many of his predecessors, Bercow was not offered a seat in the House of Lords after his tenure as president. Bercow said the Social Democrats did not promise him the position nor did he ask for it himself.

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