What exactly is deja vu?

Have you ever felt like you’ve been through an event before? This is called déjà vu, but what exactly is it?

There is no scientific explanation

Much research has been done into the strange sensation of déjà vu, but there is still no scientific explanation for it. However, this does not mean that there are no theories. The first is episodic, disorganized stimulation in the hippocampus, the area of ​​the brain where memory occurs. This stimulus creates an image that the conscious brain believes has occurred before. This is because the stimulus is wired into the memory area, when in fact it does not belong to it.

closed circuit

The second theory is that the moment you experience déjà vu, a short circuit occurs in the brain. Neurologist Emile Couturier explains the following to the journal Linda: “Everything you see with your eyes is stored in the brain. But before storage, the conscious mind interprets the image. The meaning is given and the labels attached to it. Sometimes the order changes, and the image is saved before interpretation. When the image then arrives in the correct order, the image is already there. And you have déjà vu.”

no previous life

Therefore, as many people believe, this sense of self does not arise from events that you may have experienced in your previous life.

random moments

Deja vu generally presents itself at random times, but in some situations déjà vu can be more frequent. “When you are weak and your hormones are flowing through your body, such as during puberty, déjà vu can be more common. This also applies when you are under stress or when you are not sleeping well.” If you suffer from deja vu often, a good night’s sleep and a regular lifestyle can help. Do you already experience deja vu in everyday life? Then a visit to the doctor can not hurt, because people with epilepsy or migraines are more likely to get this.

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(Source: Linda.nl, HLN)

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