Khaled Qassem presents new developments on the health of Abdel-Haq Nuri

Abdelhak Nouri suffered a cardiac arrest on July 8, 2017 during Ajax’s friendly match against Werder Bremen, causing permanent brain damage. Khaled Kassem is a lawyer by profession and the author of the book Nuri: A dream that did not come trueHe was a guest on the Friday evening show Football Cafe by Ziggo Sport He gave an update on Nouri’s condition.

“I just hold your book immortal, because I wonder how the boy (Nuri, ed.) does it,” begins presenter Bas van Vendal, after which Kasim comes up with a lucid explanation. “It’s all good given the circumstances, we always say. He has a very low state of consciousness, but he’s there,” says the author of the book.

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“He has a very light way of communication. He doesn’t speak, but you can see the smile every now and then,” Qasim continues. “Or he moves his eyebrows, and then you see if he wants something or not. So there’s a mild form of communication. But of course he’s not as close to ‘Appie’ as he used to be, and there’s no prospect of him getting significantly better either,” explains my attorney. appeal.

healthy boy
“But he was a healthy boy, his heart was working well. If you saw Appie in the beginning when it just happened and Appie you see now, he’s already taken many more steps than the doctors ever expected,” concludes the book’s writing on the emotional theme.

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