Kindergarten teachers have already been called in from three Limburg municipalities …

Kindergarten teachers over fifty years old from Plzen, Houselt and Remset have an appointment next week at the vaccination center to receive their first dose of the vaccine. The Welfare and Health Agency responds, “In principle, this is not permitted.” VRT that.

The letter of early notice comes because the vaccination center has put women on the priority list. I did so at the request of the local authorities. These are over fifty teachers from Hoeselt, Bilzen, and Riemst. Wrote that latest news Saturday.

Mayor Mark Voss (CD&V) Van Riemst confirmed this message. They were asked to make a list of important occupations. With all the best intentions, our staff has put nursery teachers over 50 on that list. The Welfare and Health Agency requested an explanation and it sounded good, because they were already invited, ‘says Mark Voss. Belgian.

After all, young children are not always toilet trained. Children also don’t wear mouth masks and sometimes these teachers have to hold the kids in their arms. When the list was drawn up, municipal employees were in good faith to protect these teachers and count them among the high-risk professions. On Monday, I will call the Welfare and Health Agency to find out what happens next. I repeat once again that these invitations were sent from Brussels. Maybe something went wrong with the connection, ”explains the mayor of Rimst.

Plzen Mayor Johan Sawins has also put kindergarten teachers on the priority list. He says, “We were allowed to make suggestions.” VRT that“But the system in Brussels sends these calls.”

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“In principle, this is not permitted.”

The Welfare and Health Agency responded with surprise VRT that: In principle, this is not allowed. We have compiled a list of about 80 occupations that we believe qualify for rapid vaccination, and teachers are not among them.

It was not clear if other local authorities had made any other mistakes. Confusion may have arisen due to the presence of an “other” category in the form that must be filled in for local authorities. This category is only intended for people who provide care but are not in the categories specified for caregivers in the model, and therefore not for other professions.

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