The upcoming Google Nest Hub successor gets the Soli sleep tracking feature

A successor to the Nest Hub is currently being tested by Google. Earlier this year, as we got to the first details, the Nest Hub 2 will include the Soli sensor. This time it becomes clear what Google wants to use Soli equipment for, and Hub isn’t going to change much in terms of design.

Google Nest Hub 2

Google’s Pixel 4 series was the first product line from Google to use Project Soli, an in-house project of Google where it developed a sensor that can detect motion using radio waves. For example, on the Pixel 4, this “sensor” can be used to skip music tracks without touching the device. The new Nest thermostat now also uses the Soli sensor and the upcoming Nest Hub 2 will also use the Project Soli sensor, as it turned out earlier. From the FCC report.

Exactly what Google will use for the technology has remained unknown. 9to5Google He posted a report indicating that he knows more about using the Soli Sensor for the Nest Hub 2. The sensor will mainly be used to track your sleep rhythm. In your sleep cycle, Google can track movements, awake or asleep.

Health data will also be available on the Nest Hub soon, Image: 9to5Google

Google will then display the sleep data in Google Fit. Over time, it will also be possible to view health data from Fit on the Nest Hub. Google is actively building the feature, according to 9to5Google. It is expected, along with Hub, to continue updating Google Fit as well to display data about your health on the smart screen.

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Popular design

With the Soli sensor, the Hub can also get easier to operate. It is not known if there are plans to use Soli to control the Nest Hub. In terms of operation, one shouldn’t expect widespread changes to the Nest Hub 2. Google maintains the original Hub design, with an angled screen and a canvas cover. However, Google will renew the colors: Going forward, you can choose from gray, black, pink, light blue and “Sky,” a color that was previously available on Nest Audio.

The upcoming Google Nest Hub successor gets the Soli sleep tracking feature

Google also wants to make minor adjustments to the hardware used in the Hub. The first change is choosing to upgrade to three remote field mics. On top of that, the second Nest Hub should produce better sound than the first hub. Google wants to align experiences on Nest speakers with this. Previously, the Google Nest Hub was among the other speakers from Nest, while it is one of the more expensive smartphones in the Nest range.

Pricing for Nest Hub 2

Despite the improvements, 9to5Google says pricing will be the same as the original Nest Hub. This could mean that the Nest Hub will be launched in the Netherlands for 129 euros. When the Hub will appear is still unknown. The search giant may be advertising during the internet version of I / O 2021, but it is also possible that Google will have a separate launch event soon.

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