“Known Sender” is a new anti-spam option

Google Calendar is very useful, especially if you have to collaborate with other people in meetings. If someone invites you to a meeting, you will already see it “in pencil” on your agenda, until you decide whether or not to attend. But, what if half of your schedule is filled with meetings coming from people you don’t know at all? There is now a solution for that.

Google Calendar

Just like spam, you may also receive calendar spam. However, most people basically have meetings with other people they already know. To block spammers, Google has now introduced a new trick. You can now indicate under Settings that invitations can only be added to your calendar when they come from known senders.

Do you want to run that, or do you not want to include meetings – even acquaintances meetings – in your agenda before agreeing to it? No problem, you can arrange it within a few seconds within Google Calendar.

Google Calendar

You can use Google Calendar to keep track of all your appointments. The notifications that can be received via the application or mail can be set. There can also be..

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Only known senders

go for this Google Calendar Go to the settings gear at the top right of the browser. It doesn’t seem to be available in the app at the moment so you’ll have to get the regular browser version. Then go to “Appointments settings” and you will see “Add invitations to my calendar” in grey. You will then see three options instead of two:

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1 of everyone

2 Only if the sender is known

3 When I reply to the email invitation

Below you can see what that looks like:

Google Calendar:

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The second option is new and makes it easier to fight spammers. To some extent, because unknown people can still send you invites. The difference is that you don’t see it on your calendar until you accept it yourself. Anyway, this saves on clutter in your schedule. So choose this option if it suits you best. Curious about what Google means by an acquaintance? This is either someone who also works with the same employer (depending on the company’s domain name), but also people from your contact list or people you’ve emailed with before. This is not usually the case spam bots.

It’s so easy that this is now possible. Have you ever experienced unknowns in Google Calendar? Leave your experiences in the comments to this post.

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