KRO-NCRV adds disclaimer to biohack project | After criticism is presented

After criticism of the biohack project, KRO-NCRV added a disclaimer that ran before Monday night’s second episode. It states that it is an “adventure and reality show” and that biohacking is “not science.”

In the programme, Dutch celebrities learn how to control their bodies and minds and receive help to deal with stressful situations. After the first episode there were criticisms among other things Evening show with Arjen Lobach Because it is not about scientifically proven advice, but rather about “sorcery”.

After the criticism, the broadcaster presented a message before the start of the second episode on Monday evening. “The challenges and hacks described have been done under supervision and should never be attempted without proper guidance. There is no scientific evidence as to whether the hacks work or not, the program is based on the personal experience of the participants. “No medical advice is given,” the disclaimer states.

It is also explained that Govert Vergiver, who guides the participants, is “not a scientist but an expert by experience.” “He is assisted by experts.”

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