Langemark-Poelkapelle residents light up the streets with aphorisms during ten days of mental health

Marking the ten days of mental health between October 1 and 10, ten creative residents put inspirational messages on windows and shop windows at Langemark-Poelkapelle. The library then spreads warmth spells through loan books.

“Come with a happy heart, it benefits everyone,” “You don’t have to be perfect to be great,” and “Don’t look for words when a small gesture is enough.” These are just a few of the many inspirational messages that will appear on the streets of Langemark-Poelkapelle from the end of September. Dozens of creative residents work at 42 locations. 10 public buildings, 2 elementary schools, and 26 dealerships provide their windows. With the messages they want to pass on to passersby between October 1 and 10, make them happy and make them think of their strength.

coloring pages

The library is also fully committed to the ten days with a spell attack and information platform. “Anyone who borrows a book will find a card with an inspirational quote on it,” says Alderman of Culture Laurent Hoornaert (Tope8920). Whoever receives the spell can write a warm message on the back to the next borrower. Young children will then discover a color picture in their picture book. We invite you to color the color palette with an inspirational message and give it to someone they care about. Preschoolers in primary school will also receive a pack of pages coloring”.

Make it negotiable

The board wants to use the messages to make mental health a topic of discussion. Because it’s only discussed when things aren’t going well, says Heidi Copinol (N-VA). “However, it is important to work on your mental health before problems arise. During these 10 days, the board wants to put mental health and psychological vulnerability on the agenda while at the same time creating more understanding for psychologically vulnerable people.”

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If you have any questions, you can contact the Library’s Information Office on Mental Health and Social Services. Also take a look at

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