Last month of unlimited free Google storage

A few months ago, it was announced that Google would also count images stored in high quality in your storage space. That moment is about to end. We’ll remind you for a moment. How do you solve it?

Unlimited free storage for the last month

In November, it was announced that Google had stopped providing free storage for Google Photos. You can store your photos in your Google account in two ways. This is possible in both original and high quality. In the last variant, a slight form of pressure is applied, which should not be visible.

So far, it doesn’t occupy your Google online storage, if you store it in high quality. This will change on June 1. All the photos you store in Google Photos, including the high-quality photos, are now part of your storage space in your Google account. This includes all other files like Google Drive Docs and Gmail inbox. Everything is important. Except for documents, spreadsheets, and presentations that you create with Google Drive. Attachments that accompany them are not counted.

By default, you have 15GB of free cloud storage at your disposal from Google. Across Web page From Google, you can see how much space you have left and how long you can likely use it. Insufficient storage space? Then you can choose Google One, where you can buy cloud storage online at relatively low rates.

If you have more than one free file storage, these files will be saved, but nothing else can be added.

Google some storage space

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