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Sunday, May 2 Daughter of Prince William and Kate Middleton, Princess Charlotte, Turns six years old. It does something to that girl, according to her dad. He visited the West Midlands on Tuesday Daily mail Her daughter declares that everyone is six, but not sixteen. “They grow very fast,” he said. The prince also revealed how the little girl spent her birthday. Unlike last year, he had a casual party. “Another family has arrived. It’s not a big party, but we made it as fun as possible for her.”

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And for dinner we have to go to Denmark – or better yet… to France. Danish Prince Henrik, Son Prince Joachim Ann Princess Mary, Turned twelve on Tuesday. For the event, his parents shared two new photos of the teenage via Instagram in which he is wearing a blue shirt with cars and the Eiffel Tower. The photos were taken in the French capital, Paris, where the families now live.

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Megan Markle The children’s book is about to be published. In Bench Brings themThe story of the true bond between father and son is seen through the eyes of a mother. Inspiration comes from his own family situation, in which the youngest son Archie Ann Prince Harry Cast in lead roles. Christian Robinson, the artist on the cover and inside, is already an award-winning collaborator with Pixar Animation Studio. Megan will also record the audio version of the book. The work will be released on June 8, but it is unknown if the title will be available in Belgium as well.

By the way, it was also a festival at Harry and Megan’s house in Los Angeles on Thursday. Archie, Will soon have a sister, who was allowed to blow out two candles on her birthday cake. Grandfather Prince Charles The boy liked the greetings via Instagram, which is amazing. After all, fans who noticed through social media that Charles did not want to congratulate his other grandchildren Prince Louis (April 23) and Princess Charlotte (May 2). Harry and Megan themselves shared a new photo of the boy via their Arkwell organization’s Instagram page, but his face was not visible. He was shot from behind with a bundle of balloons in his hand.

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Markle is not the only king to publish a book. Sister in Law Kate Middleton Previous. His photo book showing the impact of the epidemic in the United Kingdom has been in British bookstores since Friday. There is the Duchess of Cambridge Stay still: The picture of our nation in 2020 Self-managed in conjunction with the National Image Gallery in London. In total, you can see a selection of a hundred photos.

Another message about Kate Ann William: They have been active on YouTube recently. It’s not clear what content they will deliver to their fans, but we can already see how the camera follows the pair on all sorts of royal trips in the welcome video. “Be careful what you say to them, they film everything,” the prince teases at the beginning of the short clip.

We will close with our northern neighbors, whose 50th anniversary will be on May 17th Queen Maxima Is celebrated. For this occasion, the queen gets the same as the king Willem Alexander His fiftieth date, his own seal. It contains a black and white photograph of the Queen, which is also in a frame in her study. The stamps are sold for five sheets and are separated by a line in the colors of the Dutch flag.

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