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Christmas doesn’t pass without the classic movie Home Alone Come on TV. For those who’ve watched the movie a lot, but are fond of Kevin McCallister’s adventures, there’s a nice alternative this year: Lego comes with a replica of the famous house.

It kind of works, because the Lego set contains no less than 3,955 pieces. Once put together, well-known scenes from the movie can be re-enacted, because Kevin and the thieves Harry, Marv and Mother Kate are also included as Lego dolls. Enthusiasts will feel nostalgic, because with its countless details, the Lego set perfectly evokes the feel of the movie.

For example, swindlers Harry and Marv can peek through a cat’s flap and Kevin can escape from his treehouse via cable car. There’s also the thief’s truck, Christmas tree, and spray cans to take out the clumsy duo, and it seems like everything has been thought.

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The Lego set is part of the Lego Ideas series, where fans can create their own designs. This is amazing Home AloneThe collection is the brainchild of 28-year-old Alex Storoguk from Ukraine. Like all ’90s kids, I grew up with Home Alone The movie holds a special place in my heart. This brings back nostalgia and childhood memories”, can be read on Location Van Lego.

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Once the house is built, it will be 34cm long, 34cm wide and 27cm high. The set will be available from November 1.

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