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Home Alone 2 In real life: Casper (6 years old) travels alone to his grandparents, but the airline puts him on the wrong flight. He was originally traveling to Fort Myers, Florida, but ended up in Orlando. When his grandmother couldn’t find him at the airport when he arrived, alarm bells went off. She phoned her grandson, who told her he had already landed. When I asked to speak to his supervisor, he replied: “There is no one, I am alone.”


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The 6-year-old boy, Casper, was “improperly boarded” on a flight to Orlando, according to a spokesperson for US low-cost carrier Spirit Airlines.

The spokeswoman confirms that the boy was always under the care and supervision of an airline employee and that she immediately contacted the boy’s family when she discovered the error, but Casper’s grandmother denies this. It is not clear how the error occurred, but the company will begin an investigation.

An airline puts six-year-old Casper on the wrong flight © rack

Grandmother Maria Ramos told local station WINK-TV that the boy was boarding the plane for the first time. “How was he on the wrong flight? Why did he end up in Orlando? They (Spirit Airlines, ed.) have no explanation,” the grandmother said. She stated that her family tried to contact the airline for several days, but did not receive a response until December 26. /December.

Spirit Airlines offered to pay for a return flight from Casper to Philadelphia and a return flight for Ramos to accompany him. She just wants to know how her grandson ended up on the wrong flight.

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