5 times artificial intelligence broke human world records

AI can “think” much faster than we humans can. Within a few hours, he had mastered something he had never done yesterday. It’s impressive, and the AI ​​actually deserves a Guinness World Record. Because it’s so annoying that the people below are getting beaten up by the computer.

1. Chess

The most famous example of an AI “breaking” a human world record is of course the game of chess itself. It’s a real mind sport and that’s what makes it so attractive for scientists to show how smart their AI is. AlphaZero’s AI has already defeated a chess champion in 2017 after teaching itself the mind sport in just 4 hours. She played the Stockfish 8 chess program and had to win 100 games. She did it with flying colors. This was not the first time computers had beaten people at chess. IBM Deep Blue actually succeeded in doing this against Kasparov in 1997.

2. Go

We’ll stick with AlphaZero for a while, because it’s not really meant for chess. It was originally an AI that was fluent in the Chinese game of Go: it was then called AlphaGo. They managed to win 60 matches after eight hours of training, but they were not completely successful: they also lost a match 40 times. Thus, she was able to defeat Go champion Lee Sedol in 2016.

3. The maze

We already wrote about it in Deze Week Viral. Researchers at the University of Zurich have created a robot that can complete the Labyrinth game faster than a human. CyberRunner was there a few seconds ago and that’s great for AI: in this game you don’t just have to think, you also have to physically operate the buttons. The robot obviously has this eye-hand coordination.

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4. Drone racing

There is another physical challenge that AI can do better than humans. Another robot from the University of Zurich has defeated three world champions in drone racing. Swift, as the robot is called, raced on a track that also included drone racing champions Alex Vanover, Thomas Pitmata and Marvin Schipper. In the end, Swift often beat humans and set a new world record for the fastest time in a race. He was only half a second away from a human, but still.

5. Rubik’s cube

People can solve Rubik’s cubes very quickly. The human speed cube world record is 3.134 seconds by Max Park, who has been around since 2023. AI? Software engineers Jared DeCarlo and Ben Katz created an AI that can do this in 0.38 seconds. This is a very big progress.

AI doesn’t always work

The Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology has created a robot that can run so fast that it broke the world record for the 100-meter dash. But not that of humans. The robot did it in 19.87 seconds. This is fast, the fastest robot ever, but it’s not fast enough to stay ahead of us. The human world record is 9.58 seconds and belongs to Usain Bolt. So robots don’t always succeed in beating us.

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