“MacBook Air 2022: Colors are less abundant than expected”

The new MacBook Air 2022 may not be available in iMac’s bright colors after all. Apple expert Mark Gurman wrote this in a tweet. According to him, rumors about the colors of the MacBook Air 2022 are out of control and Apple is choosing the most traditional colors – as well as a new one.

MacBook Pro 2022 colors: Not so plentiful

Last year, the newly designed iMac came out in a variety of bright colors and since then it’s supposed to be New MacBook Air It will also be available in this color palette. But on the eve of the WWDC conference, Gorman was tempering expectations.

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He wrote that the colors of the new MacBook Air 2022 largely overlap with the already known colors: gray, silver and gold. Where gold is better called “champagne”. It is believed that Apple will add another color from the iMac color palette: blue.

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Rumors say that the new MacBook Air will have a white border and a white keyboard, perfectly in line with iMac 24″, giving the impression that specific iMac colors will be present as well. Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo also claimed that the next MacBook Air will have “more color options,” without naming the colors. According to Gorman, this was interpreted with great enthusiasm.

We find it strange that when Apple first offers a color MacBook Air, they choose only one color (and then also the most diverse one). With the rest only traditional metallic colors. It’s of course a matter of taste – many people will appreciate the neutral colors.

Some other innovations

The upcoming MacBook Air is expected to have a redesigned case. The design is similar to the new design MacBook Pro – Maybe even with a slit. It will mark the end of the pointed design. There is still disagreement about the chip. There is speculation about the next generation of the M2 chip. Others say the Air will once again have the M1 chip, and that the new design will be the main selling point.

We’ll know more tomorrow. Then Apple’s WWDC begins with the unveiling of the MacBook Air. Do you want to stay informed? On our site, you can follow a live blog evening keynote. And if you want all the news from WWDC in your mailbox the same night, sign up for our newsletter:

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