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The mission of knowledge security is to counter unwanted transfer of knowledge, particularly in areas with sensitive technology. In addition, Knowledge Security focuses on addressing the hidden influence on research and education by government agencies. The task in this relatively new political arena is formidable. Knowledge institutions have certainly become more resilient to state threats in recent years. At the same time, there are still many steps to be taken to ensure that the Netherlands maintains a strong knowledge position both nationally and internationally.

Machteld Haaksman has been serving as an Acting Member of the MT in the OWB Directorate since May 2022 for the EU-i, Community Impact and Knowledge Security teams. Prior to that, she worked as a deputy for four years. Learning Paths for MT members, educational content and testing and as Team Coordinator (since 2015) in the Directorate of Secondary Education. She previously worked across Intermin in various positions within the public domain, including in the Department of Justice and Security and the Justice Service. She started her career in the Arts Directorate of the Ministry of Education, Culture and Science. Machtild studied arts, culture and media at the University of Groningen.

Machtild: “I very much look forward to fully committing with colleagues inside and outside the OCW to the ambitious policy agenda on the topic of knowledge security. Dutch science is among the best ever in the world. The knowledge generated is not necessarily safe. At the same time, this knowledge is sorely needed.” To meet societal challenges and remain as competitive and safe as the Netherlands. This makes it imperative to protect our knowledge base, as well as to promote science in general. I will work on this with great pleasure in the years to come!”

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Oscar Delnoze, Director of the OWB: “I am very pleased that Matchild will continue to be in contact with our management and will be fully committed to Knowledge Security. Further development and implementation of this dynamic policy is an important and complex challenge. It requires close collaboration with several partners in The Hague, internationally, and especially with the entire field of knowledge. Matchild is an energetic, sharp and driven fellow who loves to achieve tangible results through good collaboration with others. In addition, we got to know Matchchild last year as a manager who, with an accessible and people-oriented style, gives core mission to aggressively develop the new knowledge security group within our organization.”

This appointment to the position of ABD came about through the general procedure for positions within the General Administrative Service. The designation and selection for this appointment was made by the Directorate General ABD and the Ministry of Education, Culture and Science. DGABD-facilitated vacancies are widely advertised and anyone can apply.

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