Spotify launches video podcasts in the Netherlands for the first time

It used to be called a vodcast, but now it’s often called a video podcast: Spotify is now launching 10 podcasts in video form on the streaming service. This is a Dutch edition that presents large and popular podcasts in video format. You can then not only listen to the podcast but also watch it so that you have a better idea of ​​who is speaking.

10 video podcasts in the Netherlands

Spotify says: “Following its introduction in the US, UK and Australia, Dutch makers can now add video podcasts to Spotify. With this, Spotify gives users an extra dimension to their listening experience. The streaming service’s mission is to provide artists and podcasters with a platform where they can be heard. on it; henceforth they may also manifest themselves.”

Among other things, one of the podcasts we recommended earlier this week is in the top 10, the University of Holland. She held her own story and De Bennies was selected as well as the new BNR vodcast De Meyade Curfs Show. The Meyade Curfs Show is a video podcast about a young entrepreneur who goes to see the role models of his generation (Gen-Z).

Vodcasts on Spotify

These are all 10 podcasts that you can now also watch in video form:

  • Holland University
  • in the lives of dreamers
  • Brokko with Korthom & Lotte
  • The hero in his own story
  • Online sisters
  • Twitch talk show by Daniel
  • Alpine
  • Guitar guys
  • GP fans
  • View Med Curves

Iris Enthoven van Held in her own story is very happy, because in her podcast all the private stories go through, and therefore it is not the same speakers every time. Moreover, they are quite emotional stories and, according to her, she is happy to put a face on them: “It becomes more personal and now you can not only feel the emotions but also see them in the guest.”

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Holland University

You might think: I prefer to listen, and this is still possible, but the University of Holland, for example, has already noticed that a third of listeners are also viewers and like to see what is happening. Guitar Men says the video version of the podcast is watched by up to half of all listeners. “We recently did a hypnosis episode in which we tried to hypnotize people in a theater room, and then we did all kinds of tests with them. Then you notice that the listeners also want to see that,” says Meren Dugen, editor-in-chief of the University of Holland.

Podcasting on Spotify has gotten a lot more interesting lately, as you can now add polls and question-answering sessions to it, but you can also choose to put your podcasts behind a paywall. Looking beautiful on screen will become an added challenge, but above all remaining complete to people who aren’t watching. After all, they still want to be able to get the story right without that visual support.

The 10 vlogs mentioned above are now available on Spotify.

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