Make money with a pedometer for a week: 4 apps tested

It sounds too good to be true: make money doing something you do every day. Online there are many apps and services that offer you money and debit cards if you take enough steps. Does this really work? And if so, how much will you earn and what will it cost you?

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We are testing these pedometer apps

How do we know if a walking rewards app is worth it? To do this, we test different applications for a week. After this week we will look at the results and calculate how much you can earn over a longer period of time. The apps we test from the Google Play Store are SamenGezond, Sweatcoin, Winwalk, and Asr Vitality.

The vitality of the times

Asr Vitality and SamenGezond are applications developed by several health insurance companies. Asr Vitality can be used exclusively if you are insured with Asr or Ditzo. The service costs €3.50 per month and rewards you with vouchers after you complete a week’s exercise target.

The vitality of the times

asr mobile

All together healthy

SamenGezond has a partnership with Menzis, Anderzorg and Hema. This app is free to use and rewards you with lottery tickets. You earn this by achieving a weekly goal with walking and exercise. The more tickets, the higher the chance of winning a monthly prize.


With Sweatcoin, you are also rewarded with movement. It is in the form of Sweatcoins. The more you move, the more coins you get. You can spend these coins via the in-app store. You can do this with discount codes, but you can also donate your hard-earned “sweat coins” to a number of charities.


Finally, there is Winwalk. The app is straightforward and only tracks your steps. At the end of the day you get coins for it. Here also, the more you walk, the more coins you get. Do you want more coins? Then you can also get there in other ways. For example, invite a friend or complete a survey and you will be rewarded.

winwalk: walk and win rewards

Gala Mix Company

Results after a week

It’s been a week after installing the apps on our smartphone and time to analyze the results. We walked for six days and averaged 6,533 steps per day. With this input, the applications come up with results that we divide into “good” and “not so good”.



Of the four vitality apps, two stand out, Asr Vitality and Sweatcoin. With both you earn more or less “fair” points. For example, after a few days we already have enough Sweatcoins to get discount coupons ranging from 10 to 70% on sports products from major brands.

There are also auctions that you can participate in, but they come across thousands of cryptocurrencies. We would then work at our own pace for about 13 years. All in all, the app is fine for earning a little bit of interest from your steps, but unfortunately it’s not a huge cash cow.

In our opinion, the Asr Vitality has the most complete package. If you meet your weekly target, you will receive a vital point. With one of these points you already get a €5 gift voucher. If you achieve your weekly goals for four consecutive weeks, you will actually save €20. Does discount saving give you the most incentive? Then Asr Vitality is the best way to get you moving.

not good

The two setbacks in our test are Winwalk and SamenGezond. SamenGezond’s weekly goals are easy to achieve, but – with the goal of saving – less useful than other apps. You only have a chance to win a prize from the prize pool.

Think or a Coolblue Gift Card. It looks cool, but with over 100,000 downloads, the chances of winning are slim to none. The app is also not technically perfect. User reviews report problems with GPS, roads, and pedometers. So we do not recommend the app.


Winwalk plays the game a little differently. The app is straightforward and focused on walking, but seems to aim for something else. The app pushes ads in front of you in every possible way. Example: After a day of walking you get points, but before you can collect points, an advertisement appears.

The app also makes playing games, completing surveys, or downloading other apps in exchange for points more attractive. For example, a ten-minute questionnaire yields a hundred times more results than a week’s worth of walking. This is attractive, because a €10 debit card costs 17,000 points. Walking alone will take you a very long time. The purpose of the application is to transform, you give your information for free and reduce walking. So it is not recommended.

Cost and recommendation

So, obviously in Winwalk you “earn” debit cards by watching ads and providing your information. Sweatcoin Free App also monetizes from ads, but offers a fair offer of debit cards in return. SamenGezond is also free, but you most likely won’t gain anything in return.

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Vital age bonus exercises

For Asr Vitality, you must be affiliated with Asr or Ditzo health insurance and pay $3.50 per month. You can get that monthly amount out of it just fine, as long as you exercise enough. This doesn’t mean you have to switch to a new health insurance company right away, but if you’re already with Asr or Ditzo, this app is definitely worth it.

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