Máxima in Groningen Updated on mental health of young people

Queen Máxima will go to Groningen on September 5 for a working visit in the context of young people’s mental health. The Queen gets acquainted with the various programs and initiatives in this field in the province. Maxima is the Honorary Chair of MIND Us, a foundation dedicated to young people’s mental health.

The Queen begins her day with an explanation of the Groningen Mental Health Programme. This is a collaboration between, among others, the University Medical Center Groningen, the municipalities, the cantons, the various educational institutions and the parties of the GGZ and GGD. This mutual cooperation should ensure an improved approach to mental problems and the creation of a preventive package of help.

Máxima then attends part of the teacher training. In this exercise, teachers learn how to recognize signs of depression in students and how to discuss it with them. Queen talks to coaches and teachers about their experiences, among other things. Finally, Máxima in Jimmy’s Groningen, a meeting place where young people meet and can be creative.

The working visit to Groningen is not the first date the Queen has put on the agenda after her vacation. It was previously announced that the royal couple will pay a regional visit to the Gelders Valley in Gelderland on August 31. This is the first item on the Queen’s schedule at the moment. The King was expected to arrive the day before at the customs in the harbor district of Vlissingen.

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