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Swimmers who want to bring their own picnic to the beach in the Italian region of Puglia can enjoy it. Local beach operators forbid it, according to “La Repubblica.” The inhabitants of Puglia are also amazed and disgusted by the strict rules.

look. Strict rules apply to these beaches in the Puglia region

On beaches on the famous Adriatic coast in southern Italy, beachgoers are no longer allowed to bring their own food and drinks. These measures don’t just go in the wrong direction with tourists. Residents also believe that these regulations go too far and take legal action. “They can’t do that,” says Dario Dosso, a lawyer and activist in Bari.

But beach operators seem to be tightening controls even further, while rising prices for beachfront bars and restaurants are forcing more and more families to turn to their own provisions. Moreover, entrance fees to some beaches in Puglia are already swinging out of control. They range from €30 in Mar Village in Giovinazzo to €100 in first row at Lido Santo Stefano in Monopoli.

After all, a normal Sunday at the beach costs about €250 to €300 for a family from Bari. A quick salad costs €25 and there are fewer and fewer ‘free’ public beaches to be found. Really overrated,” concluded local association D’Urso.

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Operators assure that there are some prohibitions. However, the controls aren’t nearly as stringent as they claim, she says. “We don’t allow large refrigerator boxes for group gatherings,” explains Michele Colella. He is the manager of Lido Calarena, which his family has run since 1934. Picnics are not allowed here. But if you bring a snack, a drink, or a mini fridge box, we turn a blind eye.”

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But things are not peaceful everywhere. For example, “La Repubblica” reported an incident that occurred on a beach in Salento. Three families were said to have been threatened there when they retrieved their supplies. However, they already paid for the sunbeds and umbrella. “We were literally intimidated,” says one family member. When we opened the bags of food the staff called us and threatened us. They said “take the food you brought away or we will kick you out”. And then La dolce vita suddenly away.

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