Microsoft is no longer developing new games for the Xbox One

The Xbox One is now a decade old and is gradually becoming too slow for modern games. Time to get rid of it?

Around that year, Microsoft launched its new generation of consoles, the Xbox Series S| X. For a long time, games were developed using the older Xbox One, which is now ten years old. Not at Microsoft anymore, anyway. Matt Botti, Head of Xbox Game Studios Axios That the developers are now fully focused on the “9th generation”.

So, the ninth generation includes two consoles: Xbox Series S and Xbox Series X. In addition, Microsoft’s game studios also continue to develop their games for PC. In any case, the Xbox One should not depend on a lot of new releases: the hardware is gradually becoming too slow and outdated to run new games.

Cloud gaming comes to the rescue

However, this does not mean that your Xbox One is ready to be put into the household waste. Those who really want to can continue to play the latest games on their old Xbox. All you need is a stable internet connection. Microsoft plans to continue supporting Xbox Cloud Gaming on Xbox One. With this cloud gaming service, you can play all your Xbox titles without having your console to do any of the hard work: all the calculations are done on Microsoft computers, and the picture is sent to you over the Internet.

Hardware is too slow

Now that game studios no longer have to deal with the Xbox One, they can develop games that require more consoles. Developers who aren’t affiliated with Microsoft could, in principle, continue to develop games for the Xbox One, but the odds are slim that that’s ever going to happen. These developers also face the 10-year hardware limit.

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Not that developers can outsmart the Xbox Series S| X. Right now, all games for the new Xbox consoles should run on both the Series S and X. Not everyone is excited about that, since the Series S isn’t the most powerful console right away. So many developers are asking to leave mandatory support for Xbox Series X. traps.

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