Mimestream is a Gmail app for Mac

Gmail is such a good email service that it lacks software that will allow you to access your email without the need for an internet browser. Mimestream solves this problem for Mac users.

Over a billion and a half email addresses end in “@gmail.com”. This makes Google’s email service one of the most popular email messaging services out there. However, many users avoid Gmail’s web interface and prefer to use another mail program with which they link their Gmail account. For Mac users, this is often a problem: compared to Gmail’s web interface, the default email program doesn’t offer many options. A former developer for Apple ran into the same problem and decided to fix it.

Apple mail

Neil Jhaveri worked from 20210 to 2017 on Apple Mail pre-installed on Mac computers. However, he didn’t seem to really like the show. So the developer has been working on the Gmail app on Mac since 2019. Initially, this software was only available in a beta version that still had some snags. The folds have now been ironed out and the application is being made available to a wider audience.

The app uses the official Gmail API, which means that all functionality from Gmail also comes back to the mail client. This is a big change from mail programs that use the IMAP protocol. For example, if you use labels in Gmail, you can’t manage your mailbox this way across apps that use IMAP.

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Mimestream’s use of the Google API is not only the mail client’s biggest advantage, but also its biggest drawback. Since the app does not use IMAP, only Gmail accounts can be associated with the program. So if you have to manage multiple email accounts from different providers, it is better to skip this mail program.

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Mimestream Subscription

for whom mimestream You want to try it free for the first 14 days. After those 14 days, you can choose to subscribe for $49.99 per year or $4.99 per month. This amount has been converted to 4.63 euros per month. Anyone who gets an annual subscription right away will enjoy a 40% discount through June 9th.

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