Ministry of Public Health, Welfare and Sports Visits Kag and Al-Barasem

On Monday 25 July 2022, Alles is Gezondheid and the Institute for Positive Health (iPH) organized a working visit in collaboration with the municipality of Kaag en Braassem, Alliantie Positive Health South Holland and Energiek Zoeterwoude. Marjolin Sonema (Director General of Public Health), Anja Zantenge (Public Health Policy Coordination) and Tim Hawke (Public Health Policy Officer) came for the visit from the Ministry of Health, Welfare and Sports. This was a great opportunity to show how we work with the various stakeholders.

During the working visit, practical experience was shared and the unique collaboration between partners was mentioned. Attention was given to the role of everyone, the projects and program of activities “Everything is Health” and “iPH” and the way in which these collaboration partners are used to promote and accelerate the movement towards a healthier Netherlands. Matthilde Huber, founder of Positive Health, was also present on this visit.

Positive Health in Kag and Brassem We started talking about positive health with various cooperation partners in our municipality in 2019. Think GPs, nurses, pharmacists, dieticians, physiotherapists, paramedics and wellbeing. More and more partners have been linked to this in recent years. Together we see the importance of looking at disease differently. Not only because the pressure on healthcare is increasing, but because we believe that the complaint and the cause of the complaint can be related to different areas. A healthy, positive conversation contributes to broad conversation. Not from illness, but from the image of how a person behaves in the broad sense. From there, we look at what a person needs and what a person can do on their own. In the 0-100 prevention mission being carried out in Kaag en Braassem municipality by Driemaster, being able to participate for longer is often reflected in good health and resilience.

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Why is it important?

As a municipality, we want residents to be able to participate in good health for as long as possible. So we are committed to increasing the resilience of the population. In this way, a different way of dealing with setbacks is envisioned: the ability to look at what is there and what you can still do instead of looking at what is not. It is important to pay attention to the development of each individual’s talents and strengths. We focus on the health of our residents by promoting healthy behavior and lowering the threshold for sports, exercise and food. In doing so, we focus on networking and meeting in associations and outdoor spaces. We believe that if people can be meaningful or part of a group, loneliness can be prevented and people feel better.

Alderman Gerpen van Doyen: “These ambitions require time and commitment, and they are not realized overnight. Thanks to the support, energy and commitment of our partners, steps are being taken that we are proud of as a municipality.”

Health in general The extent to which a person’s health is related to many different things. The body is of course important, but so is whether the person is comfortable with their skin and satisfied with their life. Based on this overall picture, anyone can see what they would like to improve or change, perhaps with the support of the three guru. And whether a person can do it himself with his environment or needs support in this. This method is called positive health.

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