‘Johnson skips extreme heat emergency advice for his own farewell party’ Abroad

There is Downing Street Sky News Johnson confirmed he would not attend the emergency meeting. His office says he will consider which meetings he chairs on a case-by-case basis while still prime minister. Johnson announced his departure last week. He did so when ministers resigned en masse in dissatisfaction with his leadership. Johnson, who has been marred by a series of scandals as prime minister, is set to last until a replacement is chosen.

According to the anonymous source, invitations to the farewell party were sent earlier this week on behalf of “Mr. and Mrs. Johnson.” It says the party will be held on Sunday at a country house that includes an indoor pool Sky News.

The British Meteorological Agency, comparable to the KNMI, issued a red code for extreme heat yesterday. Record temperatures are expected across the UK on Monday and Tuesday, with the mercury reaching 40 degrees. It will also be very hot in the rest of the UK. British ministers will meet on Saturday afternoon to discuss the heat wave.

Angela Rayner, the deputy leader of Britain’s opposition Labor Party, accused Johnson of ‘throwing England down again as he prepares to party at a time when England is on the boil’.

British Prime Minister Johnson recently announced his departure (VIDEO).

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