MMA | Boxing influencer Jake Paul is transitioning to MMA

A great message, but it’s definitely not an unexpected decision as Paul has often indicated his interest in MMA.

Federation of Fighters

The American is a very strong supporter of the Fighters Union. Paul has been at odds with UFC President Dana White over the small amount of salaries White pays his fighters, according to Paul. White has stated several times that Paul should take care of his own company or start an organization himself.


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Nate Diaz

Despite the fact that he has now signed with the PFL, the American will continue to box for the time being. Paul wants to move into MMA gradually and has already suggested fighting Nate Diaz in two matches. Boxing match and MMA match in PFL.

Nate Diaz having fun against Tony Ferguson

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Debuts in 2024

According to the PFL president, it will be until 2024 before we see Paul in an MMA fight. The American has not started his MMA training for a long time and is not yet ready to debut.

The deal Paul has with the PFL is that he will fight in what is called a super fight division that will be broadcast via PPV. The money that comes in connection with the event is divided 50/50 between the organization and the fighters.

Head of advocacy

Paul also accepted the role of “Chief Fighter Defense”. This means that he will promote athletes and fight for the PFL.

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It will also help recruit new athletes. He also became a minority shareholder in the PFL brand with business partner Nakisa Badarian.


Paul is a huge star on social media. The American has more than 21.5 million followers on Instagram and 4.5 million followers on Twitter. Paul managed to beat the former MMA boxing champions.

Jake Paul and Anderson Silva

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Tyrone Woodley, Ben Askren and mixed martial arts legend Anderson Silva were defeated by the only 25-year-old American.


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