So the beach is good for your health

Sun Sea Beach And an iced drink to sip on, that for many is the definition of a successful vacation. But have you ever wondered why we love so much vacation beach? the Sciences I researched this question and came to an interesting discovery.

The beach is an oasis of calm for many. But is going on a beach vacation really relaxing, or have we just taught ourselves that? This is the question some researchers at the University of Washington asked themselves before they set out to investigate. As it turns out, it really is better for our mental health.

beach vacation

from study Washington University More than 1,000 visitors to the beach have shown that staying at the beach is Reduces anxiety, depression and stress. In addition to your mood, the sea also stimulates creativity. So it’s not surprising that after a vacation you often feel like you can come back to it or that you’re inspired to get started.

To lower your stress level, you don’t necessarily have to spend hours baking on the beach. The view of the sea alone can help you de-stress. So choose to take a walk on the beach, start snorkeling or a game of beach volleyball to relax.

This also applies to nature reserves, lakes and rivers. The green and blue colors that we encounter in nature have a natural relaxing effect on our brain. The longer you stay in this nature, the more relaxed you will be.

Living by the sea

The researchers also compared the behavior of people living by the sea to that of people in a crowded city. There, too, the results were notable: People who live with a view of the sea Significantly fewer psychological problems. They also have a very low stress level and are usually better at putting things into perspective.

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And admit it: The bartender on the beach or the aquatics instructor on vacation is always friendly, right? So it is not a coincidence or a working condition, but it is scientifically proven, because those who live near water often are More active, social and fun to chat with him.

Fool your mind

Well, we also know that it is not easy to transport all your belongings to the sea in this way. Don’t worry, because research shows that, too View beach photos Indeed a positive effect on your mood. So you can completely trick your brain and occasionally give yourself a serotonin boost!

Really in a recession? Then this is your sign to quickly plan a trip to the beautiful beach and sea. You know, with a doctor’s prescription, of course! To help you on your way, we’ve rounded up the most beautiful beaches in Europe.

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