More than 2,000 dead penguins on the coast of Uruguay | outside

Nearly 2,000 penguins have been washed away in Uruguay in just 10 days. According to the research, the animals were not infected with bird flu, but it was not clear what caused it.

Magellanic penguins died in the Atlantic Ocean and were washed ashore on the east coast of Uruguay by the current. “It is normal for a certain percentage to die, but not in these numbers,” the country’s environment ministry said. These are mainly small animals with empty stomachs and no fat reserves.

Magellanic penguins breed in southern Argentina and migrate north at this time of year in search of food and warmer waters. SOS Marine Wildlife Rescue believes that overfishing and illegal hunting may have a role in many of the deaths. Animal Aid says weaker animals may have died from a recent subtropical cyclone.

In addition to penguins, other animals have recently washed away in Uruguay. According to the organization, these include albatrosses, seagulls, sea turtles and sea lions.


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