Practical Naïo Orio Field Robot turns smoothly into headlands

French machine manufacturer Neo Technologies’ Oreo Field Robot is ready for practical use. – Photo: Mark Passweer

French machine manufacturer Neo Technologies’ autonomous Oreo field robot is ready for practical use. The 1,200-kg active carrier turns smoothly and smoothly on the headland thanks to four-wheel steering and drive.

During a demo in Lelystad, the Oreo field robot worked in tandem with a camera-controlled hooting beam with lateral shift from HAK, specially designed for sugar beet and spinach. The recently released commercial version is 30 centimeters longer than the prototypes. This means more space under the tool carrier for tools and machinery.

The central three-point hitch can lift 600 kg (optional) and the three-point rear hitch 200 kg. The central link has quality catch hooks for easy attachment and detachment.

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Smooth turns with four-wheel steering

During the demonstration, the 1,200 kg carrier was observed to turn smoothly and smoothly on headlands thanks to the four-wheel steering and drive. Battery/Electric Oreo runs for about 10 hours on full batteries. The cost is around €200,000.

Author: Geert Heckert

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