New Space Jam released with 91,000 NFTs

We’ve had to wait about 25 years for her, but she’s finally here: the second crowded place-Movie new legacy. As if the sequel to the first legendary movie still needs PR, Warner Bros. Photographs in association with Marketplace Niftys of no less than 91,000 NFTs.

As a major PR stunt, people who signed up got their first NFT for free, but 91,000 copies have since been sold or sold within a day. Are you upset? Soon the lucky ones will sell their NFTs. The idea is that collectors can put together their perfect basketball team.

Fun Space Jam from NFT

The question is how many NFTs will be sold in the future. When we were kids collecting pokemon cards, it wasn’t worth much either. But due to the rarity, it can be crowded placeTokens can yield good pocket money. Now Pokémon cards can win thousands of Euros.

Of course, it also depends on the card you catch. Each card features one of nine different characters (from Bugs Bunny to LeBron James) and also comes in five rare levels. Ten 3D maps are available in the “Legendary Edition” category.

Curious about all the Space Jam NFT games available? Here you see a file Overview of all NFTs.

Space Jam: A New Legacy

at crowded place Michael Jordan and Looney Tunes took over a mean team made up of Monsters. at Space Jam: A New Legacy LeBron James finds himself trapped in a virtual world, where an evil algorithm wants to play basketball against James. His son will only get it back if he wins.

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The movie can be seen in cinemas from July 14 through July 16 on the HBO Max streaming service.

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New Space Jam released with 91,000 NFTs

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