Nicola Sturgeon apologizes for violating Govt rule at funeral | Nicola Sturgeon

Nicola Sturgeon has apologized for violating Govt rules.

The Published by Scottish Sun. A picture The first minister of Scotland was talking to three people at a social distance, but he woke up after the funeral of a Scottish civil servant who had died with Govt.

Sturgeon was wearing a tartan mask, which is believed to have been briefly removed when he left the place.

Sturgeon told the Sun: “Last Friday, while attending a funeral, I briefly unbuttoned my mask. This is a stupid mistake, I’m so sorry.

“I talk about the importance of masks every day, so I’m not going to say any reasons. I was wrong, I’m kicking myself, sorry.”

Mandatory use of masks by clients in hospitality settings Is the law Since September 14th. Customers in hospitality areas should cover their face except when seated – including when they enter, exit and move around a space.

Anyone who violates the rule A fine of 60 can be imposed in Scotland.

A Scottish Conservative spokesman said: “The first minister should know better. By forgetting the rules and failing to set the right precedent, he is undermining essential public health messages.

“It’s a mistake not to leave an ordinary member of the public. There can be one rule for Nicola Sturgeon and another for everyone else.”

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