UK ferry passengers disembark in Kallis after France eases travel ban | Corona virus

Passengers from the UK disembark from boats in the port of Klais on Wednesday morning after Britain France Agreed to facilitate travel ban imposed on detection of new corona virus variant.

The first ship to depart from Dover after deregulation arrived in the Cட்ஸ்te d’Ivoire Flanders Ferry – arriving at 3.30am local time, shortly afterwards by the P&O Spirit of France.

A few passenger vehicles disembarked, but port administration said it did not expect AFP traffic until Wednesday morning. Freight services between the UK and France will resume at 7am UK time, Eurodonal said.

After being stranded in Kent for several days, it was expected that Hollaires would be able to resume his voyage to France.

About 4,000 lorries and thousands of small vans were waiting to cross the channel on Tuesday, with food transport companies warning of disruptions between “a shake and disaster” as the January and Brexit transition draws to a close. It may take several days to clear the attachment.

According to the BBC Players joined NHS Test and Trace staff Carry out quick tests on truck drivers stranded in Kendall. Only those with a negative test are allowed to travel under the new rules.

Travel services to France were resumed on Wednesday night following a similar move by Hong Kong, which has banned the arrival of Singapore’s main transport nation, the UK.

Singapore’s Ministry of Health has said that passengers who have been in the UK for the past 14 days will not be allowed in from 11.59pm until further notice, which could affect passengers as a stop on the way to countries such as Australia. .

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It said returning citizens and permanent residents should take the Govt test.

In connection with the resumption of the UK-French voyage, the British Department of Transportation on Tuesday night said train, air and sea services would resume from Wednesday, requiring all people to show evidence of a negative Govt test taken within the previous 72 hours. .

The agreement “will reopen the French border to travelers for emergencies if there is a certified negative Govt test,” said UK Transport Secretary Grant Shops. However, he urged truck drivers not to head towards the Chanel ports in the hope that they would be able to board boats or trains.

French Transport Minister Jean-Baptiste Djibouti has confirmed that air travel, boats and Eurostar trains will “begin service as of tomorrow morning”.

“French nationals, people living in France and those with legitimate reason will have to undergo a negative test,” he said.

Thousands of lorries are stranded in southern England, unable to cross France. Drivers of about 800 trucks were stopped at a nearby unused airport as it fell Tuesday night Their horns sounded They protested for more than half an hour.

The measures imposed on Halliers have raised concerns about the shortage of some new foods that have already been hit by severe corona virus control over the Christmas period.

Paris imposed a ban on cargo and passengers on Sunday evening in an attempt to curb the newly discovered Covit-19 variant It is assumed that the growth rate will be up to 70% higher than the previous varieties. France and more than 40 countries Closed their borders to travelers from the UK First.

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On Tuesday, scientists said there were thousands of more cases of the infection variant Found throughout the UK, Said it was clearly spread beyond the areas under the most stringent Tier 4 restrictions.

Amid fears about the spread of the new strain of the corona virus, ministers are reported to be meeting on Wednesday to decide whether several parts of the country will be subjected to strict controls.

With Agencies France-Press

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