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Beyoncé has given out VIP tickets to Corinthia London hotel staff as a thank you for her sold-out Renaissance World Tour show. This was reported by the English newspaper ‘The Mirror’. The 41-year-old American singer is staying at the hotel around her various shows in the city.

The singer, who will perform her last show in the British city on Sunday, will have provided her butler, personal chef and receptionist with tickets worth around €870.

“Beyoncé is very sweet and very respectful to everyone around her, so she always wants to thank the people who take care of her,” a source told the paper. “They did everything they could to look after her when she was in England, so she treated them to the best tickets you could get.” The source was quoted as saying by ‘The Sun’ newspaper that it was his “favourite hotel”, adding: “So he asked the staff for their email addresses to thank them personally.”

The singer will sleep in the hotel’s penthouse, which costs £20,000 (about €23,000) a night.

Beyoncé performed the last of her five shows at Tottenham Hotspur Stadium in London on Sunday. Last week she was on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday.

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