Nintendo reveals a hidden improvement for the Nintendo Switch OLED

Nintendo revealed that the Nintendo Switch OLED has a subtle improvement with its Joy-Con controllers. Since the release of the Nintendo Switch, there’s been a constant backlash regarding the analog sticks on the Joy-Con and how quickly they succumb to the drift. As Nintendo has said in the past, stick flexing is inevitable, but Joy-Cons seem to wear out faster than other consoles and worse than other consoles. Analog sticks on the new Nintendo Switch OLED might not have this problem, or at least it’s not serious.

Speaking of Nintendo Switch Joy-Cons, Nintendo’s Toru Yamashita noted that Nintendo is constantly making improvements to analog Joy-Cons that aren’t always visible. To that end, the analog sticks on the new Nintendo Switch OLED Joy-Cons represent “the latest release with all the improvements.”

“Joy-Con controllers have many different features, so we keep making improvements that are always invisible,” Yamashita says. “Among other things, the analog stick parts have been constantly improved since its launch, and we’re still working on improvements. The first release analog stick passed Nintendo’s reliability test by rotating the stick under a constant load, the same standards as the Wii U GamePad stick.” analogue”.

Volg Yamashita:

“Since we are always trying to improve, we have taken a closer look at the Joy-Con controllers that customers use and have been improving their wear resistance and durability time and time again. You can’t buy Joy-Con analog stick parts off the shelf, but they are custom made, so we made several considerations to improve them.” In addition, we improved the reliability test itself, continued to make changes to improve durability and we passed this new test.When the effects came in, our improvements were confirmed, and we immediately integrated them into the Joy-Con controllers in the console, the Nintendo Switch Lite and those sold separately, which were manufactured at the time.This includes the Joy-Con’s internal components, so you can’t tell us improvements on the outside, but we use newer versions of parts when we fix them.Also, similar ongoing improvements have been made for the Nintendo console Switch Pro is good.

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You see, in addition to the new OLED controllers, the Nintendo Switch Pro Dock and Nintendo Switch Joy-Cons also have these improvements, so you don’t need a Nintendo Switch OLED to experience these improvements.

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