Philippe Estdagh stopped as national coach of the Belgian cats

The Belgian women’s basketball team has to search for a new coach, after Philip Mustadagh was discontinued after six years.

“We feel it is time for a new wind,” General Manager Quinn Omans explains. The Belgian Philip brought Katz, along with all the staff, to the world level: 89 caps with sixth place in the world rankings. The most beautiful pages of Belgian basketball history bear his stamp. We would like to expressly thank Philip for his many years of dedication. He belongs in our Hall of Fame for what he has achieved with Belgian cats. The election of the Best Coach of the Year 2020 in all sports underscores the recognition of a person and the recognition of his or her influence by the sporting scene in its broadest form.

Under Taddad’s leadership, the Belgian cats once again qualified for the 2017 European Championships for the first time in ten years. After a bronze medal at the European Championships, the Belgian women’s basketball finished fourth at the World Cup a year later. In 2019 Emma Missiman & Associates. Fifth place in the European Championship. And in 2020, they qualified for the Olympics in Ostend for the first time in history. Last summer, the Cats were stranded after claiming a new bronze medal at the European Championships in the quarter-finals in Tokyo. After a sensational story, they narrowly lost 86-85 to host country Japan. Tadaj’s contract expired after the games.

There has been talk of extending the contract but it appears that no agreement has been reached. There was also, according to latest news Felt in butter between tolerant and some guys.

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It is not yet known who will succeed him. There is not much time because the European Championship qualifiers start in mid-November.

Tears for a missed opportunity

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