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CHours Oman, man is coming. The UK has become the first European country to record more than 50,000 corona virus deaths, and by the 10th the entire staff is fighting over who should get the prime minister to be the head of his staff. But one is promised, one must be given. Only one minister is fit for the job in such a tricky situation. To come forward Alok Sharma.

Even the Commerce Secretary is not fully aware of how he came to be Commerce Secretary. Apart from business, he does not seem to have much interest in politics. Rather it is a case of leading one thing to another. He had seen which way the wind was blowing in the Tory leadership match and declared himself a big fan Boris Johnson, Never knowingly announced any great excitement for Brexit, and to his and everyone’s surprise – a place in the cabinet.

Boris may have found what others missed. That Sharma is blessed with a gift that almost never says anything interesting. Almost all press meetings with him can go on for an hour or two, and no one will be smart. In the rare cases where he makes the news, it is guaranteed to be a mistake. Unfortunately this is an opportunity for Sharma and Boris. Although the only saving grace is for the business secretary, he is completely unaware of how badly he has screwed up.

The conference started out as emotionally dull and meaningless as everyone thought. Sharma began by triggering the recent upward trend of hospitalization and death, before basically acknowledging that the economy was a bit twisted and that a vaccine was still in some way. At the same time that his voice deviated from a monotone – Sharma considers it difficult to get emotional and study at the same time – when he mentioned four companies that took on some extra staff to produce BPE. Recovery begins here.

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Stephen Bovis, the NHS UK’s national medical director, was adamant that the news should not be made. He saw how certain sections of the media had turned to Chris Witty and Patrick Valens for bearing bad news, and he was mistaken as to whether he was going to shoot himself. Sharma restrained himself from showing a slide with the figures he had just read, and then got a little choked about how the vaccinated cavalry had somehow moved away. This Boris John Ford Western metaphor is as contagious as a virus.

Initially it was as if the Secretary of Commerce was going to escape questions. A public member called Chris got halfway through the brilliant question of how to make any vaccine before realizing he was the talking Sharma, so there was no chance of getting a brilliant answer. Of course, Alok was not disappointed: he exploded with confidence in admitting his ignorance and being sure that those who needed it would get it first. It is fair to say, Sharma is not a detail man.

The problem began with the BBC’s question about reports that Brexit could disrupt the supply chain for the Pfizer – Bioendech vaccine. Rather sweetly, Sharma did not realize the danger of the question. Perhaps this was part of his summary of what he understood, and he was eager to share his enthusiasm and wisdom with all who saw him. Yes, he said, Proxy It was going to cause great disruption to almost every business, which is why he started a series of webinars, thus giving companies the opportunity to produce.

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He did not realize that the UK had less than 50 days to leave the EU, and that the government had not yet reached an agreement or any agreement, and that there were no opportunities for businesses to be prepared in a timely manner. There is no excuse for confusion. If Govt doesn’t kill you, Brexit will.

From there, it all went downhill. Upon hearing about the current clashes within Downing Street and Lee Cain’s resignation, Sharma was able to manage everyone, working hard to save everyone’s lives and livelihoods. Mainly their own. When Dominic Cummings With his humor for Durham and his travels with the speculators he made, he destroyed the government’s corona virus message with one hand, with only the country’s interests in mind. Likewise, Cain only wanted to teach the world a lesson. When asked by Joe Biden’s chief executive who Boris was not now, he firmly believed that the best thing Sharma could offer was a promising response to the Downing Street switchboard number on the phone.

Bowie said the journalist was on the verge of collapse and urgently referred to Sharma for subsequent questions about Brexit disruptions in the vaccine supply chain. Now you can see that even the business secretary is starting to realize that he might be in trouble. Even if he doesn’t know why or how much. He at first murmured about being too optimistic about the vaccine, but then he couldn’t stop himself from telling the truth. Because Sharma is one of the few honest ministers in the cabinet. So he sought his first response to the existence of problems, and was finally dragged away by security, shouting “Webbins”.

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You can hear cries of despair from the rest of the Downing Street Communications team. They thought their man should not be confused, and he pushed them away. It was changing one of those days. Or, as the rest of us call it, one of those years.

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