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Home4Kids in Dronten will be subject to stricter supervision. This was determined by the Health and Youth Inspectorate. Home4Kids is a care facility for children and young people with psychological, behavioral and developmental disorders.

According to the inspection body, there are shortcomings and there is little emphasis on improvement. Last year, the inspection body investigated a report on the quality of care at Home4Kids. Deficiencies were found that had to be addressed by the Inspectorate within six months.

In March, the Inspectorate made a visit to the care institution, which was announced shortly in advance. It turns out, among other things, that the areas in which care is provided do not meet the standard. According to the inspection body, this does not contribute to the healthy development of children and young people. As it turns out, Home4Kids applies freedom-restricting measures, while this is not allowed in Open Youth Care.

What did Home4Kids do in those six months?
The health care establishment indicated that it wanted to improve care, and confirmed that improvements had already been made. For example, from now on there will be a meeting between the staff every two months on what can be improved and there is now a collaboration with a speech therapist and a behavioral scientist.

Adjustments have also been made to the space and improvements have been made regarding the deployment of freedom-restricting measures, according to Home4Kids. Other identified deficiencies have yet to be addressed. The foundation believes it will take another six months.

The inspectorate says it has limited confidence in the improvements. According to the inspectorate, “this is due to the scope and content of the necessary improvements, and the fact that the driver was not always transparent during the supervision process.” Home4Kids must meet the Youth Welfare Standards as soon as possible from the inspection.

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What does Home4Kids think of increasing supervision?
“The results of this report show that we can take pride in many areas and at the same time show a number of areas for improvement,” Home4Kids says in its response. “In terms of improvement points, Home4Kids has committed itself to immediately start the necessary actions.” The organization cites a number of examples: “A risk inventory was carried out, which subsequently also led to a solution not to have to apply measures of restriction of liberty.” In addition, an independent secret advisor was appointed.

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