Orange code tomorrow also in Belgium and France, even code red in England

In France, the warning applies to four regions along the coast. Code yellow has been announced in most parts of the country. The French meteorological service, Météo France, warns of disruption to air and train traffic, and according to the service, damage to power lines can also occur.

UK code red

In Belgium, code orange has been declared for most Flanders. Code yellow applies to the rest of the country. The Royal Meteorological Institute (RMI) warns of “significant” damage. Traffic can also be “dangerously disruptive”. Flemish Brabant County will close all regional parks on Friday. In Antwerp and Brussels, for example, parks and cemeteries are closed.

Code orange also applies in the Netherlands to Storm Eunice on Friday. Trains stop here from 2 pm. A rare red code has been issued in parts of the UK. It happened in part of Wales and southwest England.

volatile droppings

The British Met Office warns of ‘life-threatening’ flying debris, power outages, road closures and problems with public transport.

Today there was also significant damage from Dudley’s Storm, as you can see in the video below. But tomorrow could be much worse.

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