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September 24, 2023

It is normal for drivers to ride abroad a lot. But did you know that it is healthy for the horse/pony and driver? Here are six ways outdoor riding improves your health and the health of your horse/pony:

1. Clear your head

On an overseas trip, you can completely disconnect from your daily worries. Driving trails are often located in the most beautiful places. You are really somewhere else for a while and this clears your mind and provides relaxation.

2. It gives pleasure

Riding outside with your horse/pony primarily provides additional enjoyment. While you quietly watch the hips and hindquarters of your horse/pony move, you have plenty of time to enjoy the surroundings. Feel the sun on your skin, breathe in the fresh air and watch the clouds float by.

You will experience your horse’s different gaits very differently than when you ride in an outdoor or indoor arena. You can give your horse/pony more freedom at trot and canter. The upright stretch with a stable surface invites you to do some stretch running. This is a great experience and good training for both your horse/pony and you!

During the ride, your horse/pony will often be more advanced. This can be great if your horse is naturally slow in moving forward. If your horse is already active, it may be a good idea to use a different piece. Knowing that you have control of your horse at all times or that you can make an emergency stop if necessary provides peace of mind.

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3. Perfect physical training

An outdoor trip allows you to train your horse/pony in a different way. You can meander around trees, create a natural obstacle, and drive through the water. This way you can train your horse’s different movements and muscles than at the track.

Your horse’s natural balance also improves if you take advantage of the opportunities you have along the way. Think of hills, for example. This allows you to additionally train your horse’s glutes, back and abdominal muscles. Additionally, your horse/pony naturally walks more collected when more strength and balance are required.

You’ll often drive your car for much longer than in the box when you’re on a road trip. This way you can better train yourself and your horse in endurance and fitness.

An outdoor trip is also an ideal physical exercise for you. You’re probably using a lot more muscles than you do when you’re driving leisurely around the yard. The mineral is needed for muscle function magnesium Important, so consider posting this.

4. Good mental training

The fact that your horse/pony is encountering other animals and people and coming into contact with traffic and sounds other than at home is good training for him. So your horse is more relaxed during competitions or other events where it is busy or unexpected things happen.

5. Strengthens the bond

While riding outdoors, you are in a different environment for a period of time, which keeps you and your horse alert and focused. You have to rely on each other when you encounter something unexpected, like a dog or a bridge. This strengthens your bond.

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