Seraeng’s realism after early relegation: ‘It’s too late to complain now’ | Jupiler Professional League

A self-fulfilling prophecy. Seraing was previously tipped as the No. 1 relegation candidate and couldn’t go against those expectations for an entire season. A 2-0 defeat at Club Brugge sealed the team’s fate. “We have the Mission: Impossible I can’t walk away anymore,” it sounded matter-of-fact.

What had been in the air for months became reality yesterday in Jan Breidel: Seraeng are the first team to be relegated from the Jupiler Pro League.

“There is, of course, disappointment,” Seraeng defender Gerald Kilota said after the match. “It’s always painful to face the reality of relegation.”

“The annoying feeling is there, but it’s actually too late to complain.”

If we had shown this mentality, we might not be here.

Christophe Lepoint, Seraing

Even the disappointment of the experienced Christophe Lepoint quickly gave way to some realism after a 2-0 defeat at Club Brugge.

“Today we fought for that,” the broadcaster said. Mixed area. “If we had shown this mentality every week, we might not be here now.”

“We started this season with a completely new team, full of players who didn’t know the league. We’ve grown as a group every week, but the sad truth is that we Mission: Impossible There was no way I was going to turn him away.”

Seraing fought for what he deserved against Klopp, but was unable to score again.

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