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Harlem Walking is an accessible method of movement and has been shown to be effective in countering various health complaints over a longer period of time. That’s why SportSupport is organizing the Diabetes Challenge again this year. The challenge, which begins May 20, lasts for 20 weeks and is intended for Harlem residents with diabetes 1 or 2, prediabetes, COPD, obesity or legs. We also welcome residents who want to work out in shape or tone up muscles.

The ultimate goal of the challenge is to improve fitness and enjoy long walks. It is, of course, a good and healthy way to get to know new people. Initially, we walk in groups of four, in relation to the scales of the aura. Walking is guided by a gait coach and healthcare professionals. There is also an interest in healthy nutrition.

The first time will start at 7 PM at SV Olympia (Henk van Turnhoutpad 1). Parking is free there. After that, you’ll start at a different location roughly every four weeks to keep your gait diversified. The walk continues until approximately 8:00 pm.

Participation in the Challenge costs 20 € for 20 walks, but it is also possible to pay 1 € per walk. Haarlem Pass holders can participate for free. This includes a before and after measurement with an explanation and advice while walking, a Goody Bag, and an evening of healthy nutrition information.

For more information and registration, call or email Lucia Grooff from SportSupport: [email protected] or 023-3037238.

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