Pee in the shower? This expert says it’s better not to do it health

This has nothing to do with hygiene, but with the fact that by urinating in the shower, you are slowly training your brain to take action when it hears water.

Alicia Jeffrey Thomas, a pelvic floor physiotherapist who shares videos on TikTok on a variety of pelvic floor topics, advises her viewers not to combine showering and peeing. It is also not smart to urinate while you are near a running faucet.

If you do, and often too, your brain will make a connection between the running water and the puddles. According to a physiotherapist, this is not so bad if you are still young and energetic. According to her, young people are better able to hold their own urine. But as you get older and your pelvic floor muscles aren’t working well, uncomfortable situations can arise, she says.

In practical terms, it could mean that after years of peeing in the bathroom, your brain is so conditioned that it could mean you have to pee while washing dishes or while tending to plants with a garden hose. Even if you are near a running fountain, you may feel the need to urinate. Just watch it stop…

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