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History has its rights. Past events, but also more recent past events. That is why we have updated the radio diary.’ A very solid update. We are moving forward more than ever and connecting with the present as much as possible. This is radio history between 1900 and 2022.

This is also history

1977: Radio Mi Amigo broadcast time extended till 9pm. The shows usually stop at 7pm.

1979: Malfunctioning generators due to contaminated fuel interrupt programs at Radio Mi Amico. To make matters worse, a storm, ‘MS. The sand causes the Magdalena’s anchor to move on the bottom.

2003: The Brussels station for Arab Community Communications-Inter moves from 94.5 MHz to 94.6 MHz. The reason for this move is not clear.

2013: Radio 2 (29.7%), Qmusic (14.1%) and Studio Brussel (13.4%) were the most popular stations, according to ‘CIM’ listening figures between 1/4/2013 and 23/6/2013. Radio 1 fell from 8.5% to 6.4%.

2019: Announces the launch of ‘TPG Media’ as an alternative to Studio Brussels. Willy will be a digital rock station targeting music lovers under the motto ‘Music Matters’.

1978: Radio Delmere will move to the AM frequency at 1:32 PM, billed as 192m.

1998: TV Noordzee is giving up a spot on Amsterdam cable before launch. The costs are very high.


– Robert Jensen is uncertain with Veronica about his return date after his vacation. He was supposed to resume on 1/9/2000 but this was cancelled.

– Thanks to the C status, ‘BNN’ broadcast gets more time. On 3FM, the rebellious broadcaster gets more shows, mainly on Sundays.

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2002: Media Commission fines ‘VARA’ EUR 4,500. An unusual move is due during ‘Stenders Vroeg’ on 3FM. During a live chat with several petrol station owners, Rob Stenders asked former Prime Minister Wim Coke if they would not spend in the quarter. ‘Tango’ was the only company willing to cooperate.

2003: Radio 10 is part of DRM trials on AM 1296 kHz from 1:00 PM to 3:00 PM.

1970: United Kingdom

After a severe storm damaged Radio Northsea International’s AM transmitter on ‘Mebo II’ on 17 August 1970, repairs were completed.

2001: France

Europe 2 announces its fall schedule. From 1/9/2001 the morning program will be presented by program director Sébastien Caute. Not a bad move, as it turns out.

2017: United States

Scott Shannon’s morning show on WCBS 101.1 FM was best listened to in New York, according to July 2017 listening figures. With this he repeats the huge success of ‘Morning Zoo’ on Z100, another example of countless shows on NRJ, Fun, Radio 538 and ‘Curry & Van Inkel’ on Veronica.

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