Plan for flexible housing Andijk not in ‘spray-free zone’ for broccoli farms, health concerns

There are major concerns about the arrival of flexible housing in Klinau in Endyk. Local residents, the village council and several political parties fear that the health of future residents is at risk because the plot of land falls within the spraying zone of a neighboring broccoli farmer.

picture: Map with potential layout of flexible homes Andijk – NH News / Chantal Bos

When issuing an environmental permit for a building scheme, such as flexible housing on a clino, the general rule is to have a distance of at least 50 meters between the farmer using pesticides and homes or residential sites, also known as a no-spray zone. This should ensure that health risks are kept to a minimum Numerous studies There appears to be a relationship between agricultural toxin and Parkinson’s disease.

The government does not yet have a legal basis regarding a spray-free zone. The evaluation is based on case law. Municipalities can deviate from this after a site-specific study showed that there are reasons not to implement a 50-metre sprinkler-free zone.

The spray-free zone is far from being achieved in the case of Kleino. The distance from the broccoli grower’s land to the sidewalk along the main road is only 50 meters. This includes the housing association Het Grootslag’s flexible housing scheme.

He objects

Many political parties in Medembelek do not think it is desirable to place these flexible houses in Kleino. They are concerned about health risks for future residents. Hart voor Medemblik, CU and VVD submitted a motion in July to stop the construction plan. “Health is very important and we have a responsibility for that,” says Tjuu Berlin from Heart for Medemblik. “There are a lot of other places in the municipality where we can build.”

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picture: Kleino Andek – NH News

The village council and local residents also strongly oppose this. “We can’t start building and have the gardener do his work,” said the village chief. “Or you’d have to get rid of the gardener somehow, but that doesn’t seem to me to be the right course of action.” Council, Gerrit van Keulen. One local resident said: “For us as local residents, it is unbelievable that the municipality, with current knowledge, would be willing to take any risks in terms of the public health of its residents. The municipality and Grootslag continue to search for a legal solution. The escape and refusal to consider an alternative location is, to say the least, Very doubtful.

The proposal in July ultimately failed to achieve a majority. GroenLinks, among others, voted against. “It’s not black and white,” says Bart Huisman. “Yes, I am against building in the spraying area. But we can also look at solutions: such as buying a plot of land from a farmer or growing plants. For us, the problem is also deeper: the land no longer needs these lands.” Agents should be sprayed.

When it comes to a clino zone, purchasing a plot of land from a farmer to create a no-spray zone is not an option. The broccoli farmer confirms that the housing association Het Grootslag asked him, but this piece of land is of great value to him.

According to lawyer Karen Sciberos of Alex Advocaten, who specializes in green and environmental law, the 50-metre rule is well-established in case law. According to the judge, perversion is possible, but it is rarely possible to properly motivate that perversion, Sciberos says. “There is no research model on how to reduce distance. To do that, you have to know exactly what a person is spraying, how much and how often they are spraying, and whether they are spraying near vegetables.”

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What now?

Although many political parties, local residents and the village council see no benefit in this plan, the plan has not simply been abandoned. Housing association Het Grootslag is now conducting a site-specific study to see what is possible within the spray zone in Kleinouw. Kruger, owner of Het Grootslag, is disappointed with the way things are now. “There is a huge demand for housing, from divorced parents, young people, the homeless and those with social status. They also deserve shelter.”

In consultation with the municipality, this investigation will first be awaited before an environmental assessment and permit is issued. “Once this assessment has been carried out, the initiator, local residents and the council will be informed.”

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