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The photos show a handcuffed Chucky doll, knife still sticking out of his clothing, sitting against a wall as police grab him by his bright orange hair to take a photo. No, this is not a joke, the Mexican police actually decided to arrest Chucky and his owner earlier this week.

Local media reported that the puppeteer, identified only as Carlos “N” by Mexican standards, used the “devil puppet” to scare people and demand money. The man and his doll were charged with disorderly conduct and endangering the safety of others.

A police officer holds “Satanic Doll” Chucky in handcuffs after Carlos “N” is arrested. © via Reuters

An officer from the police station in Monclova, in the Mexican state of Coahuila, was seen smiling while holding a long knife that she had taken from Chucky. Mexican media reported that the officer who restrained Chucky was later reprimanded for not taking her job seriously.

Local media reported that Carlos “N” was later released, although the whereabouts of the Chucky doll remain unknown.

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