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Innovative Italian brand Primicoke Developed a new non-stick frying pan that is free of harmful substances such as PFAS. All sinks are made of recyclable aluminum and equipped with Ecoshield’s eco-friendly, corrosion-resistant paint. This is better for nature, but also for humans. Healthy cooking starts with healthy pans.

Ecoshield sinks from Primecook

Unfortunately, harmful substances and cooking are still often closely related. Teflon pans and baking paper can still be found in many kitchen cabinets. Makes sense, because it’s easy and everyone hates cleaning pans. The Teflon non-stick coating is still intact after many years of daily use. This is very harmful to health. Primecook Ecoshield sinks do not use harmful materials and are extremely durable. This means that cooking from now on is not only delicious, but also healthy and sustainable.

PFAS . risk

PFAS is a collective name for a number of chemical compounds that have water, dirt and grease repellent properties. Exactly why they are used in non-stick coatings and baking paper. Useful, but also very harmful to our health. It can cause cancer and cardiovascular disease, among other things, and it also weakens our immune system. These substances can be fired at high temperatures, especially in the case of damaged pots. Europe wants to ban PFAS from all products by 2030. Primecook is already ready for that with Ecoshield pans.

Healthy cooking starts with healthy pans

from Primicoke The Smeralda series pans are sustainably produced and feature the innovative Ecoshield non-stick coating. Ecoshield has an inorganic water-based formula with mineral microparticles. So pans do not contain harmful substances such as PFAS, nickel, lead or cadmium. Pans are suitable for all heat sources: gas, induction, electric, ceramic. They can even go into the oven. Silicone handles are heat resistant. After use, pans and oven dishes are quickly washed to clean thanks to their extra-smooth, scratch-resistant bottom.

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An Italian passion for healthy and sustainable cooking

Two passionate Italian brothers, Roberto and Angelo Puccini, are the inventors of Ecoshield. They have devoted themselves for years to developing a good, safe alternative to non-stick coating using PFAS. They were looking for a durable and strong coating that would not affect the cooking properties, but rather make them even better. The result is an innovation in healthy cooking. Primecook is produced in an environmentally friendly manner in Northern Italy. Only recyclable materials are used for this. The brand offers a full range of frying pans, frying pans, oven dishes and even high-quality handmade knives. Literally and figuratively green, beautifully designed and crafted with great attention to ease of use and durability. For Italians, pure and delicious cooking is a way of life. Primecook’s eco-friendly cookware also makes this available to the home cook and the discerning chef in the Netherlands and Belgium.

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